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27 June 2022

Donations needed for infrastructure

The server and database costs have risen massively and we need your support!

The reasons for this are as follows.

Better server performance

At the beginning of the year, we significantly improved the performance of the servers. As a result, the cost of the servers has doubled.

With enough donations in the next few weeks, a performance increase for the databases is also conceivable.

Such performance increases will ensure that monkkee responds quickly even under load when you write and read entries or upload images.

More user data

Since monkkee has existed, the volume of data has steadily increased. As the amount of stored data increases, so do the costs.

Larger backup window

In order to be able to help you in emergencies, we have increased the backup window of the database to 90 days. This way we can help if you accidentally delete data and want us to restore an old data status.

All these changes cause a noticeable increase in costs. Please help us and support us with a donation!!!

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