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13 December 2022

How do I change my password and what happens then?

In conventional web applications, changing your password is a simple action:

  • Enter old password
  • Enter new password
  • Repeat new password
  • Save
  • Done!

The first steps are similar in monkkee.

But then, an additional process follows in monkkee, which is linked to our security concept. In this step, all encrypted data must be decrypted with the old password and encrypted with the new password. Encrypted data are:

  • text contents in journal entries
  • uploaded images
  • tag names

The password change only becomes effective when this process has been completed. The new password will apply the next time you sign in.

Progress indication during password change process

Tip: Enter a password hint when changing your password. Find out why in our blog article Why you must never forget your monkkee password!!

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