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21 March 2020

5 ideas how to use coloured tags

monkkee has a new feature: coloured tags. The function can be used to design and highlight tags. This increases the visibility of your journal or notebook entries in the overview.

Tagging explained

Tags are created from within individual journal entries. Here you can assign new tag names or select existing tags from a list.

On the overview page you will find the link ‘Manage tags’. From this tag menu, you can rename tags, delete tags, and now also set tag colours.

We have described the topic in detail here: How does “Tagging” work in monkkee?


Let’s start. Here are 5 ideas how you can creatively use coloured tags.

1. Coloured entries in a family journal

It’s pretty cliché, but as every parent knows, children grow up way too fast. One way to record the family history is a family journal. Your children’s first words, funny things they said or did, or later the first arguments – there are many things you can record in a family journal.

The idea: Each child gets its own colour.


2. Customers in a business journal

If you use monkkee as a notebook for your business, you probably have one tag per customer. Customers, in turn, have their corporate colours. Why not colour the tags in the company colours?

To activate custom colours, simply click on the circle under “Custom”. Here you can enter all valid CSS colour values.


3. Colour-coded moods

How are you? Create a palette of tags that reflect your good and bad moods and tag your entries with them.


4. Simple highlighting

Use a colour to make certain tags stand out.


5. Conceal your biggest secrets

Using the custom colour #f1f0ee will make your tag invisible, as this tag colour matches the background colour. This way no one will see your secret tag when looking over your shoulder.

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