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15 September 2023

10 years of monkkee

It’s been ten years since we announced the launch of monkkee in this blog post. ​

The article picture shows ​a​ cake​, and we really had it that day. The monkkee logo​,​ applied with powdered sugar and a stencil made from cardboard.

monkkee cake 2013

Ten years later, it’s time for another cake and three anecdotes about monkkee.

A sudden rain shower and 100 dollars

I had the idea for monkkee in 2011. It all started out as a personal software project I did besides my main job as a software engineer. The first version I developed was still in the prototype stage. The development had been incredibly time-consuming and I considered leaving it at that and not publishing the product after all.

Then something happened in a bookshop in Amsterdam which felt like fate. I had only popped in for a quick look and was about to leave, when out of nowhere, it began to pour. So, I stayed a little longer, and that’s when I came across the book The $100 Startup. The book explores in a vivid and entertaining way how ordinary people start their own successful business with $100 or less. I took it as a hint from fate and decided to pursue the monkkee project further.

Around the world with monkkee

In spring 2013, I wanted to quit my job. Up to that moment, I had developed monkkee in my private time. I decided to complete and release monkkee first before looking for a new job. And then I figured that I didn’t necessarily have to be at home to do this, but that I could do it from anywhere in the world. And so it happened that my wife and I travelled through New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and India for almost a year. Thank you monkkee for inspiring us to go on this trip, which gave us so many great memories and adventures.

Still alive and kicking

A few weeks ago, I found an old list containing journaling apps that existed in 2013, the year monkkee was launched. As I clicked through them, I was amazed. Most of the apps no longer exist. In the world wide web, ten years is a long time.

After all, it’s not just the idea that counts. Such projects are incredibly time-consuming and it is a challenge to stay motivated all the time. It is also difficult to set the right goals. If they are set too high and the desired success doesn’t materialise, this is a reason for many to give up. With monkkee, we trusted our intuition. We never regarded monkkee as our main job, meaning that we never had the pressure of having to achieve a certain development outcome. monkkee could grow and thrive at its own pace.

We are very happy with the result. Looking back at ten wonderful years, we see a great product.

monkkee cake 2023

If you feel the same way, please support us with a donation. We rely on your contributions to keep monkkee alive and running for many more decades to come.

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