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21 December 2016

Your Christmas donation for a bigger monkkee server

More server, more power, more space,…

Earlier this month, we moved to a new server after three years of operation. In fact, the monkkee community has been growing rapidly since our launch in 2013. With our new server, we have found a solution that can expand as monkkee grows. Thus, the future is secured – at least from a technical viewpoint.

Naturally, the new server is located in Germany. We lay great emphasis on the label ‘Hosting in Germany’, as the data protection regulations in this country are very stringent and consistent with the values monkkee stands for: security, privacy and confidentiality.

We also expect the new server solution to provide us with even greater system reliability and computing power. In addition, we have a larger database and access to the last seven days of database backups, a service we are happy to offer you in case of emergencies.

…more donations

Unfortunately, the server migration has also increased our running costs. This is why we need your support. In order to ensure that monkkee is not just technically but also financially sustainable, we depend on your contributions.

We want to shape monkkee’s future together with you. The more donations monkkee receives, the more secure its future. Up to now, monkkee has been maintained primarily through the commitment and dedication of a few passionate individuals. Our long-term goal is for monkkee to be community-driven and pay for itself.

If you have never made a donation before, please consider helping us with a small contribution.

Click here to visit the donation site.

Higher minimum donation to reduce fees

We have raised the minimum donation amount to five euros. Our payment service provider PayPal retains a fixed fee per donation. The smaller the donation, the greater the percentage that gets eaten up by transaction fees and the smaller the share left for monkkee’s operation and further development. This is why we decided to raise the minimum donation amount to five euros.

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