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30 May 2024

monkkee goes pro

monkkee is no longer free. In order to ensure a safe operation and have greater scope for further developments, we are shifting to a paid model. As of 1 July 2024, monkkee will cost 18 euros per year.

For a long time, monkkee was free and only financed through donations. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the supporters who have donated in the past. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to run monkkee.

And yet, the donations are not sufficient to ensure a professional operation. We have high basic costs associated with server rental, support and software maintenance. While these basic costs are covered by donations, there is currently no room for anything else. We are hardly able to develop monkkee further and cannot work on new features.

We want to change that and operate monkkee on a sustainable business model. For that, we need you. Meaning, if you want to use monkkee to the full extent we will ask you to bear a share of the costs.

Is it still worth donating now? What happens to my previous donations?

The donation model is still in place and donating is still worthwhile. All donations will be credited once the new model is activated, even if they are less than the future fee of 18 euros.

In addition, we offer all existing users 1 free month and all those who have donated in the past 3 free months. This also applies to users who donate now.

I have never donated and don’t plan on doing so in the future

That’s no problem either. Your data will be preserved. However, the ability to create new entries or upload images will be limited. Each user will be given a free contingent of 50 entries and 10 images.

If your data exceeds this contingent, it will of course be retained and individual entries can still be edited. However, for adding new entries or images, the above limitations apply.

Why should I pay?

Be an integral part of monkkee and contribute to this wonderful project. Together, we can handle the costs and ensure a stable operation. The more users contribute, the more new features we can develop. Some features we are planning include security features such as two-factor authentication, extended design options such as more fonts, or a selectable colour scheme such as a dark mode.

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